About Us

Finindus is an investment company funded by ArcelorMittal and the Flemish Region and is linked to OCAS, a world class metal research center with campuses in Zelzate and Zwijnaarde (Belgium).

We provide early stage and growth financing (both equity and debt) to innovative companies active across the metal value chain and that focus on …

  • materials: new alloys, surface functionalization, composite materials, …
  • material processing: forming, joining, coating, cutting, …
  • sustainable manufacturing: technologies for energy efficient manufacturing and energy recuperation, CO2 capturing, valorization of waste streams, recyling, …

Finindus typically invests 0,5 up to 5 MEUR per round with a maximum of 10 MEUR per company. While we focus on Europe and have Flanders as our sweet spot, we also consider investment opportunities in other continents in activities at the center of our core domains.

We are an active investor and strive to contribute to the value creation in our portfolio companies by leveraging our network, by sharing experience and insights and by facilitating access to the researchers and state-of-the art infrastructure of OCAS.

Investment opportunities will be scrutinized on the following criteria:

  • team: we look for well balanced, experienced and trustworthy teams with a full and deep understanding of the business environment they are or will be operating in
  • sound value proposition: the company addresses a clear customer need to which it can cater in a cost efficient way – offering a strong business case for its customers - in a market that is sizable, accessible and that can be swiftly penetrated starting with a few solid lead customers
  • technology & product: a technology with a sustainable competitive advantage, preferentially secured through intellectual property, with proven performance and maturity, and which can be produced efficiently on an industrial scale
  • economics: a credible and consistent business plan outlining the long term cash flows including capital commitments in-line with de-risking of the business plan
  • quality investors: as we will most likely co-invest alongside other investors, we put great importance on the quality, reputation of our co-investors and our alignment with their strategy
  • exit potential: we need to understand the exit opportunities that could present themselves down the road; although we invest with a long term horizon, we need to be comfortable that we will be able to harvest the fruits of our investment