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Next-generation composite bicycle frames produced in Belgium – REIN4CED completes capital round

Leuven (Belgium) – December 15, 2017 – Startup REIN4CED in Leuven has closed a major capital round to set up a production line for unbreakable composite bicycle frames in Belgium. The new patent-pending hybrid composite material and fully automated production process developed by REIN4CED are on the verge of revolutionizing the bicycle industry. REIN4CED welcomes KU Leuven Gemma Frisius Fund, Finindus and Innovation Fund as investors.

Keystone Tower Systems Attracts Growth Capital to Support its International Expansion

Westminster, CO, USA - 30 October 2017 – Keystone Tower Systems Inc, a Colorado based technology company, has secured significant growth capital to further support the global roll out of its advanced wind turbine tower manufacturing technology.

Expanite raises 10 million DKK (1.3 million EUR) to support further internationalisation - Dec 2016

Expanite, a Danish company specialized in surface hardening of stainless steel, titanium and other high performance metals attracted 1.3 million euro in capital from its existing shareholders to fund further international expansion.

The management, existing shareholders and Finindus join forces to support Europem’s further international expansion - Dec 2016

Europem, a Lier (Belgium) based engineering and technology company specialized in environmental and energy related process technologies, has received a 2 million Euro capital injection from its existing shareholders: Marcel Goemans - Europem’s CEO, Vuurvast and Tialoc, as well as from its new shareholder, Finindus.

Innecs Receives Substantial Growth Investment to Fund International Expansion - Oct 2016

BOM, Finindus See Great Opportunity in Energy-Saving Solutions for Industrial Sites

Innecs Power Systems BV, a Dutch provider of solutions that enable industrial sites to increase their energy efficiency, has received a substantial growth equity investment to support its further international expansion.

Swedish fuel cell developer PowerCell establishes a branch in Germany - Oct 2015

PowerCell Sweden will establish PowerCell Germany GmbH. Mr André Martin, who is a senior fuel cell expert and former executive in the automotive and supply chain industry and Member of the Board of Directors of PowerCell Sweden, was appointed Managing Director of the company.

BORIT raises up to 7.5 million Euros - Jan 2015

On December 30 2014, Borit NV (‘Borit’) closed a 7.5 million euros equity fundraising of which a first tranche of 4.8 million euros has been fully funded. This capital round will enable the expansion of the production capacity to industrial levels and accelerate the commercial development with a strong focus on fuel cell and electrolyser markets. The round is subscribed by Borit’s main shareholder Finindus and a new investor, PMV Tina Fund.

PowerCell Sweden and Mitochondria Energy Company to bring fuel cell power to African telecommunication towers - Jan 2015

Recently listed Nordic fuel cell technology leader PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) and technology agnostic African power-as-a-service player Mitochondria Energy Company (Pty) Ltd have signed a Letter of Intend to collaborate to develop diesel-fed fuel cell power solutions to the African market. PowerCell’s power supply unit, the PowerPac, is currently under development. Mitochondria will be involved in the pre-production development and testing processes to ensure the end product meets customer requirements.

PowerCell Sweden attracts SEK 108 million from more than 2300 new shareholders - Dec 2014

The Nordic leading fuel cell technology company PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) has attracted SEK 108 Million in new capital from more than 2300 new shareholders after the now completed new share issue carried out for the company’s planned listing on First North at NASDAQ Stockholm on December 19.

Leading Swedish fuel cell technology provider PowerCell Sweden AB seeks stock market listing - Nov 2014

The Board of PowerCell has decided to conduct a rights issue of SEK 115m ($15.5m) and to apply for a listing of its shares at First North at Nasdaq Stockholm.

Finindus invests in Expanite A/S - June 2014

Expanite, a Danish company specialized in surface hardening of stainless steel and other high performance metals attracted several million euros in capital from the Danish capital funds SEED Capital and LF Investment, as well as Belgium-based Finindus and a number of smaller Danish investors. The proceeds will be used to support further commercial development and for international expansion.

Powercell finalizing its 'next generation' fuel cell platform - Feb 2014

Nordic fuel cell technology leader PowerCell is in the final stage of development of its ‘next generation’ fuel cell stack platform, the S2. The S2 covers a larger power range up to 25kW and maintains the same tolerance towards CO and reformate gas as the present platform, the S1. The new fuel cell will have good stability and a compact and robust design for both automotive and stationary applications.